Hurricane Vest V2 Red
Hurricane Vest V2 Red


Hurricane Vest V2 Red

14.990 kr

The HURRICANE VEST V2 is designed from an innovative fibre, fully stretchable, that protects you from the wind. Its 3D design allows you to wear it over your backpack without breaking your stride or slowing down. Its reflective logo printed on the back ensures that you can easily be located, day or night. Lightweight at 75-grams, it delays fatigue. Breathable, it keeps you comfortable always.

The HURRICANE VEST V2`s sliced design brings dynamism and energy while giving a slim-chic elegant look. The quality of the materials it is made in, makes it  essential on your trail tracks.


  • An innovative windproof fibre protects against harsh wind.

  • Body-fit, it does not let allow unpleasant draughts of air.

  • An ultra-breathable fibre, high in the back helps evacuate sweat.

  • An ergonomic V-collar enables free head movement and acts as a prefect wind and cold breaker.


  • A 3D Backpack Extensor wraps any backpack and whatever its volume.

  • Thanks to the highly extensive fibre, it will not hinder your movements while you run, jump and climb.  

  • It folds easily in a pocket or belt.


  • Maximum security guaranteed during low light or night trainings, thanks to the reflective logos.

  • The Hurricane Vest is not "noisy" and its peach-skin feeling makes it pleasant to wear.

  • An ergonomic diagonal zip facilitates fast opening and closing of the vest.

  • Its ergonomic shape, longer in the back, keeps the back well-covered.


  • Machine Wash at 30°C

  • Do Not Bleach

  • Do Not Iron

  • Do Not Dry Clean

  • Do Not Tumble Dry


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